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To Bucket or Not to Bucket: Hat is the Question

To Bucket or Not to Bucket: Hat is the Question

A fashion statement as timeless as Shakespeare, without the tragedy: bucket hats are THE move.

Looking for a fashion statement as timeless as Shakespeare, without any of the tragedy? Bucket hats are the accessory for you.

Bucket hats are (and always have been) a statement. Throughout history, bucket hats have been a functional option: worn mostly by workers to block them from the rain and sun. In the last few decades, the functionality of these hats has pushed its way into popular culture to create a look that is both practical and trendy. As fans of custom hats of all shapes and sizes, we had to do a deep dive on this popular variety.

Benefits of the Bucket Hat

It’s not a secret that bucket hats are just...better. Certainly better than any other hats, and maybe even better than any accessory. At their most basic, bucket hats are a perfect way to block out the sun and prevent your face (and neck) from burning. Where other hats only protect your face, bucket hats cover all the bases with a continuous rim. For the days when you forget to add sunscreen to your skincare, throw on your bucket hat for the extra security your skin needs. 

Bucket hats have also got your back on those days where your hair is just not cooperating. The amount of hair problems a bucket hat can hide will save you time while getting ready (and have you running to add more to your wardrobe). Replace the judgmental looks strangers give you for your day-five-without-washing hair with looks of fashion envy by popping on a trendy bucket hat before running out the door. You’ll get an effortlessly cool look that is actually effortless.

Bucket Hats on the Big Screen

As early as the 1960’s, the bucket hat solidified its place on-screen with the iconic sitcom Gilligan’s Island. The title character rocked a khaki bucket hat with his bright red shirt and light-wash jeans: an outfit that lives rent-free in my brain, from both watching the show and seeing the costume recreations every year on Halloween. 

 Since then, the prevalence of bucket hats in TV and movies has only grown. Within the last year, many of the most popular shows and movies have featured equally memorable bucket hat looks. In the examples below of some recent bucket hat appearances, it's obvious that a great hat can really steal the show. 

 Booksmart (2019) featured a Kangol fur bucket hat in cream; the clothing brand’s embroidered logo can be seen on the front.

A bucket hat with the clothing brand Celine’s logo icon embroidered across the front can be spotted in an episode of Emily in Paris (2021). Emily herself appears to be a diehard fan of the bucket hat—rocking them in multiple episodes across multiple seasons.

An episode of Our Kind of People (2021) featured a tan embossed bucket hat from the designer brand Prada.

Making Your Bucket Hat Your Own

Adding a hat that is 80 percent rim can say a lot about the wearer, so it’s important that your hat says what you want it to. What better way to get your message across than by making a custom hat? Maybe you want a bucket hat for event swag, in which case you could customize bucket hats with embroidered images or phrases. If repping your company is more the goal, then design bucket hats to include the company logo and slogan. Whatever you want to tell the world, let custom bucket hats be your messenger.

With Real Thread, you can design custom hats online and bring your bucket hat dreams to life. Starting with the base, you can choose between different styles and colors of bucket hat to customize. Pictured below are two examples of bucket hats that can be sourced and personalized with Real Thread. Using our custom embroidery services, you can put your message front and center on your hats.

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