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Ultimate Guide to Bulk-buying COVID-19 RAT That is Approved In Australia

By this point, it’s highly likely that you’re familiar with the RAT test (Rapid Antigen Test). Testing ourselves and our families has become a normalised duty necessary in limiting the spread of COVID-19. To buy Rapid Antigen Tests is as easy as buying your bread and milk these days but how much do you actually know about the product?

Can you tell the difference between an approved test and a fake?

Do you know what the sensitivity ratings mean?

Whether you prefer it up the nose or in the mouth, it’s never going to be fun and most would rather avoid it. But if you need to buy Rapid Antigen Tests then it’s best to get up to speed so that you can choose the right product and gain the benefit – here’s your ultimate guide to buying the Rapid Antigen Test.

How to know if your Rapid Antigen Test is approved by industry standards

It’s understandable to assume that RATs are going to do the job they’re made to do but when you buy Rapid Antigen Tests do you check to see that what you’re buying is certified and approved by industry standards? If not, then they may not be up to scratch.

There’s a huge variety of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests on the market but unfortunately, like any product in demand, there are many dodgy outfits scamming buyers with fake products. When you buy Rapid Antigen Tests, check to see if it’s approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This means it meets industry standards and you’re good to go. In Australia, there are over 40 approved products. You can find a list of them on the TGA website.

Rapid Antigen Test sensitivity ratings explained

For a RAT to be approved to sell on the market, it must meet performance requirements set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). One of these ratings is for sensitivity, which refers to the accuracy of the test in identifying the virus. This is based on how many individuals test positive for the RAT compared to the more sensitive Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

‘Acceptable sensitivity’ means that from positive cases who test using this product, at least 80% of them receive a positive result.

‘High sensitivity’ is at least 90% of people, and

‘Very high sensitivity’ is higher than 95%.

You can find the sensitivity rating on the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the product.

Saliva versus nasal RATs – which to choose?

When the time comes to buy Rapid Antigen Test, you may wonder which is best to go with – the nasal or saliva, but it largely boils down to personal preference.

Infectious disease and Microbiologist Paul Griffin says that nasal swabs are usually more sensitive than the saliva tests because “typically we find higher amounts of virus in the nose.” For families with young children, the ‘lollipop test’ has become popular. It’s less intrusive than the nasal and therefore not as uncomfortable, meaning the child is more likely to keep the swab steady for the duration of the test, which may produce more accurate results.

There are ongoing studies into how different tests compare, and presumably updated research will reveal new information as life with Covid continues, particularly when new strains appear.

The most accurate time to use the Rapid Antigen Test

Don’t delay in using a RAT, according to Paul Griffin. He says the tests will deliver the most accurate results when used within seven days of symptoms presenting. “If people are symptomatic,” said Paul, “they often have more virus present in their nose or mouth…so rapid tests perform better.”

How to store your Rapid Antigen Tests

Like medicine, these products come with recommendations on how to safely store them. This is particularly important if you are buying in bulk. Keep track of expiration dates and don’t be tempted to use them if they go beyond this date.

Store the kits in a cool, dry place (2-30c), keep them out of direct sunlight and never freeze them.

It may be a good idea to store the Rapid Antigen Tests in the same place as your medicines since they should already be in a suitable environment and out of reach from those wandering child hands. Also, don’t leave the RAT tests hanging around, once you’ve removed one from its protective packaging then use it immediately to avoid contamination.

The importance of an expiry date

Everything has an expiry, RAT tests included which is why it’s important to only use the product within the expiration date. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), COVID-19 test kits are typically authorised with expiration dates of four to six months after they’re made. This is due to the components degrading over time, potentially affecting the diagnostic’s performance and accuracy. But this is an estimate expiration dates are set conservatively due to how new the products are. It’s common sense that the product would need to be around for a good few years before accurate dates are provided.

Juice Promotions has an expansive range of premium approved RATs, available in stock and ready for shipment. Here are a few options:

Clungene Rapid Antigen Test

Juice Promotions stocks the Clungene Rapid Antigen Test, a nasal RAT with five tests per box. They are of course TGA approved with a very high sensitivity rating. With a minimum order of 1200 there’s plenty to go around!

JusCheck Oral Fluid Rapid Antigen Test

When looking to buy Rapid Antigen Tests another option is the TGA approved. Just check Oral Fluid Rapid Antigen Test, a non-invasive saliva test with a high sensitivity rating. This has a minimum order of 480 with one test per box. It’s different from the ‘lollipop’ test in that it requires a ‘cough and spit’ action rather than a swab.

Innoscreen Rapid Antigen Test

The Innoscreen Rapid Antigen Test is a TGA approved nasal test, Australian-made with an acceptable sensitivity rating. These have 20 tests per box and minimum order of 500. For over 17 years, Juice Promotions has been a leading vendor of promotional products and more recently, PPE.

They service a range of global and local clients to deliver an extensive range of TGA-approved Rapid Antigen Tests, and also supply gloves, face shields, sanitisers, plus KN95, N95 and P2 surgical masks. They are proud to be supplying such crucial products which help protect our workforce and wider community.

Juice Promotions products are in-stock and ready to ship now, there’s plenty of options to suit everyone. Contact Juice Promotions to buy Rapid Antigen Tests, or to enquire about their many other products.