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Juice Promotions Social Responsibility Policy

As a contemporary business, Juice Promotions is 100% committed towards upholding only the highest ethical and socially acceptable operational practices. We strive to be a valuable member of both local and global communities by ensuring the welfare and satisfaction of not just our clients, employees and manufacturers – but all the people Juice Promotions comes into contact with. We manage this through the implementation of a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Our Labour Policy

Terms of Employment

Juice Promotions ensures that:

  • We will never use child labour directly or indirectly to manufacture any products, wholly or in part.

  • Full compliance of the national and local laws of a country where our facilities are located is observed.

  • Such legislation includes, but is not limited to, building safety, fire code rules, employment standards and employee health and safety regulations.

  • All employee working hours are governed by local standards, but are limited to 50 hours per week (including overtime) for full-time employment unless employees voluntarily agree otherwise, in extraordinary business circumstances. In no event will working hours ever exceed 60 hours.

  • Each employee has at least one day off during every 7-day working week unless, in exceptional circumstances, they voluntarily agree otherwise. In which case they will be paid adequately under the local/national overtime laws.

  • Employees are paid in accordance with local and/or national laws and are paid overtime as earned in accordance with such legislation.

  • Part-time or temporary employment is governed by local and national regulations. Hours worked on a temporary basis do not exceed those for full employment.

Working Conditions

As part of our labour policy, we stipulate that our manufacturing facilities:

  • Must be well ventilated, with comfortable, well-lit workstations.
  • Manufactory fire exits must be adequate and well identified and employees need to be trained for emergency evacuation, should it be required. The use of safety equipment (PPE) and instruction is heavily emphasized.
  • Employees must receive regular health and safety training, and it is required that such training is repeated for new or reassigned workers.
  • Have professional medical assistance available with designated partner suppliers employees trained for emergency situations.
  • Have access to reasonably clean toilet facilities and to drinking water, and, if appropriate, clean facilities are provided for food storage.
  • Employees are paid in accordance with local and/or national laws and are paid overtime as earned in accordance with such legislation.
  • Do not subject employees to unhealthy, unsafe conditions or employ unreasonable mental or physical disciplinary practices.

Auditing and Inspections

Juice carries out thorough audits when using a new supplier every time. Every individual job is always inspected, no matter what the size. We do this to ensure our supplier’s compliance to both our own labour policy and to local and international law.

Social Audits

This inspection ensures that a supplier adheres to internationally recognized SA 8000 or Sedex (SMETA) standards for social and ethical compliance. As members of Sedex (SMETA), our auditors independently assess workplace health and safety, child and forced labour, working hours and wages, discrimination, discipline, management systems, and dormitories if provided by the factory.


We are steadfast in our dedication to ensuring a diverse and happy workplace. Juice employs people regardless of background, gender and sexuality. We take all staff complaints seriously and make all efforts to ensure their welfare and comfort within the business.


Juice understands that corporate and social responsibility entails giving back to the societal landscape that we inhabit. We actively support local community initiatives and programs, and are happy to lend merchandising assistance back to society where we can.

Social and Corporate Responsibility Memberships

  • APPA – Australian Promotional Products Association
  • SMETA – Sedex