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Juice Promotions Australia aims to respect the privacy of subscribers and customers.

Disclosure of contact information to third parties would only be conducted that is relevant to the business process between the subscriber/customer and Juice Promotions Australia. Exceptions would be where the law or a law enforcement agencies has requested such information for the intent of investigations and other such matters.

From time to time - you may receive newsletters, case studies that may assist with your marketing/promotional campaigns.

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We endeavor to ensure that your information is secure by storing it on a secure server that is protected from unauthorized access. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the transfer of information is ever totally secure.

Your information will be retained until such time it becomes out of date or no longer required. It will then be destroyed.

Your participation of ensuring that your subscription is kept confidential by maintaining your account and passwords.

Please notify Juice Promotions Australia if your subscription has had unauthorized usage or there has been a breach of security.

Juice Promotions Australia will not be held responsible for data downloaded or subscribed emails and its impact on a subscriber's software, hardware, applications.

Juice Promotions Australia will comply with the Australia Privacy Act. Please click on for further information.

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It will also provide the address of the website that has directed you to Juice Promotions Australia- such as a "search engine".

This information is collated and is statistically analyzed to monitor hits and provide a better service for you.

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