Promotional marketing is a balanced combination of strategic activities, promotional giveaways, presentation and the right timing. The goal of promotional marketing is to increase your company brand awareness in the marketplace. Promotional marketing includes branded gifts that usually tend to increase response rates and the overall effectiveness of your other marketing programs.

The very first and most important step to choosing the right promotional marketing strategy requires understanding your target audience. It is important to find out whether your target customer will enjoy a stuffed promotional executive toy or prefer something that can be used on a daily basis like a promotional pen. Promotional marketing can also be defined as a business marketing strategy that is designed to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. Promotional marketing is a technique that includes various incentives to buy such as the ones listed below:


We all enjoy winning something for free. Contests offer an attractive promotional marketing vehicle for small business to acquire new clients and create promotional product awareness. The promotional products samples are

USB Fan with Hub & Clock
Promotional Crayon
Garden Tools
Dog Leashes & Collars
Promotional Gift Sets

Womens Polos
Promotional Footwear
Mobile Plastic Chair
Inflatable kangaroo
Promotional FurryToys


Promotional coupons are another, very versatile, way of offering a discount. The key objective with a coupon promotion is to maximize the redemption rate - this is the proportion of customers actually using the coupon. One problem with promotional coupons is that they may simply encourage customers to buy what they would have bought anyway. Another problem occurs when retailers do not hold sufficient promotional stocks of the promoted product such as promotional branded Bags and promotional packs, promotional backpacks, customised clothing - causing customer disappointment. Use of coupon promotions is, therefore, often best for new products or perhaps to encourage sales of existing promotional products that are slowing down.

Creating powerful promotional marketing

Before starting a promotional marketing campaign for your small business take the time to carefully plan the incentives and objectives. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are you planning to collect names as leads or discount an promotional product as a loss leader to gain a larger customer base? Determine the reason for the promotion.
  • Who is the target of your promotional campaign? Is it your competitor's customers or existing clients who have not made a purchase in the last 12 months?
  • What incentive works best for your customer group? Coupons, sweepstakes or sampling?
  • What is your available budget? Choose an advertising vehicle like direct mail, email, or in-store promotion that will not exceed your promotional budget.
  • Will you run the promotion in-house or hire an outside promotional agency? Choose in-house if you have a limited budget and limited time to learn more about promotional marketing.
  • How will your business decide if promotional marketing is a success? Select a clear goal and do not forget to measure the results.
Simple ways to promote your business using promotional products

A business owner can use promotional gifts to promote a business in several ways. The most general way, perhaps, is simply to give these free gifts away. A promotional pen can be given to anyone who passes through your door. Most customers walk away with a pen in hand which they will use. Just make sure that the pen has your company info engraved or imprinted on it.

Reward customers who are particularly loyal to your company with free promotional gifts. Give promotional items such as promotional branded umbrellas, promotional mugs, promotional branded music, promotional translators, etc to potential customers as thank you promotional gifts for registering or visiting your business. They will then keep you in their memory if they need to use your activities or services again.

Offer promotional items to customers as an incentive to buy more of your promotional products or services whenever your business needs a boost. At the end-of-sale, you might offer a promotional coffee mugs, customised with your information and logo, to your client for purchasing a certain amount. The customers, who are then spending a sum of money in your store on a regular basis, then qualify for free promotional items.

  For your web based business, you can offer free promotional gifts for all site visitors. Perhaps reward those who subscribe to your company newsletter with a customised gel mouse pad, promotional pen set or customised mouse Offer incentives to those who participate in on-line surveys.

Competitions can also help to promote your business. Put together an attractive package of promotional items with your company logo and information. Your customers can enjoy the excitement of the competition and the winners can promote your business with exciting company branded prizes!

Holidays are the best time of the year to promote your business with free customised gifts. During the New Year period, promotional calendars can be an excellent choice as it is at this time that people are thinking about and planning the coming year and perhaps purchasing a new calendar ! Seize the opportunity to have your company's details on their wall!

Reward your employees and associates with customised promotional gifts for their loyal services and co-operation. This process will make your business more successful.