Why Promotional Products

Promotional products are functional, unique items that are printed with your logo or details. They can be used for branding, marketing to potential customers, thanking your staff or creating & maintaining a reputable business image.

Promotional marketing products are powerful business tools and are a great medium to build your business reputation, reinforce your service and/or product and increase sales. They are the only form of advertising that gives your logo visibility for years to come. From achieving short-term goals like increasing sales to long-term branding reinforcement, promotional products are suitable for various campaigns. Examples of some products are :

  • Promotional USB's
  • Promotional Bags
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Promotional Baseball Caps
  • Bar Gear and Drinking

In Australia, there is a strong competitive edge to using customised, printed merchandise. Consumers relate well to tangible objects with strong visual appeal. Combining this aspect with the usefulness that these objects provide, promotional products are the key for generating more sales and customer retention rates.

Promotional products aid in sending out an advertising message each time the product is used.Business gifts, awards and commemorative promotional items are promotional customised products which can help result in increased revenue, store traffic, booth traffic, motivated employees, and better customer relations. These promotional products increase awareness and business.

Promotional products can be used for brand awareness, event marketing, employee, community and customer relationship and direct mail marketing. Promotional products (especially pens) are used every day. The basic reason for using these promotional products is a good ROI (return on investments). When choosing promotional products aim for those that attract the most potential customers. Make promotional products an integral part of your marketing mix and watch clients grab onto your message!

Promotional products will:

  • Drive traffic to your promotional tradeshow booth
  • Improve response rates on direct mail campaigns for customised promotional products
  • Increase referrals & increase branding awareness
  • Improve return business
  • Improve employee morale

Top reasons to use promotional products

Make it unique and personal to be certain you are not forgotten.

  • Improve customer relationships - Every little bit counts! Each customer wants to know you appreciate their business, so why not give them a special promotional gift to let them know how much you do
  • Develop tradeshow traffic - Skip the candy and jump out of the box at your next meeting, convention or tradeshow with a unique promotional product. Visitors will be swarming your brand for a piece of the action!
  • Change your company or product name - Don't lose out on this opportunity to keep everyone informed about changes in your company. Put a reminder in front of them that they'll hang on to for years to come!
  • Motivate Employees - Don't forget the reason your company is successful - employees need motivation, just like your customers!

Help grow a healthy and positive work environment.

  • Promote New Facilities - Show your company's growth and success! Use a branded promotional product to notify existing and prospective customers of your new locations.
  • Open New Accounts - Stimulate interest and action during your off-season to avoid stagnant accounts and backward slide!

Juice Promotions Australia is a vital component of any successful company and our goal is to be the solution and resource for the advertising Promotional Product requirements of our customers. Items that are available for decorating with your logo are virtually unlimited with thousands and thousands of options. See our website for some of the many options available :

Promotional Strategies

Promotional Products are a great economic marketing tool used in tough times. Correctly targeted promotional product ideas are amongst the most cost effective promotional marketing tools available. Juice promotions Australia offers one of the largest ranges of promotional merchandise and branded promotional marketing items.

Promotional product solutions such as customised printed pen and pencil sets and branded promotional bags are always popular, but our cutting edge ranges of promotional flash drives, reticular products and promotional Rubik's cubes are popular ideas with not just kids but with all corporate types. If you have a specific promotional product idea or branded merchandise requirement contact, and discuss your ideas with one of our promotional product consultants.

Many companies use home items like promotional household appliances, promotional kitchen appliances, promotional coffee maker, promotional waiter's friend, promotional table accessories for their promotional campaigns. People love to get personal items which have an immediate use. We maintain 10,000+ different promotional products, corporate gifts with promotional home items such as

  • Customised Pillows
  • Customised Table Mats
  • Customised Candles
  • Customised Towels
  • Customised Kitchen Timer

Developing an effective promotional strategy demands more than just being aware of the tools of promotion. Promotion is an ongoing process that requires much planning. A strategy is simply a careful plan. The effectiveness of your strategy depends on more than how much money you put into it. Effectiveness results from the thoroughness of your planning and the consistency with which you carry it out. The following ten steps outline an easy to follow procedure for developing an effective promotional strategy.

  • Understand your brand's current brand image, promotional products value and reputation.
  • Understand your brand's long-term strategies and adhere to them.
  • Know your current consumers and target audience of promotional products.
  • Recognize the capabilities of your promotional sales force.
  • Understand the relationship your brand sand promotional items have with your wholesalers and retailers.
  • Research the results of past sales promotions.
  • Have a clearly defined objective for the promotional objects.
  • Make sure there is a benefit to the consumer.
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Be creative.

Promotional Advertising

Juice promotions Australia has a huge range of promotional products to offer the small business right through to the largest national and international organisations. Promotional items are functional, unique promotional items that are printed with your logo or details. Selling printed or branded customised products is an easy but effective advertising solution. Creative, thought provoking marketing is crucial and our absolute strength !

Browse through our online promotional catalogue, make an online enquiry or Contact us today on 1300 ANYTHING ( 269 844 ) for a quote.

Apart from being a classic promotional product, customised tote bags provide the best possible advertising method. There are many types of promotional gifts

  • Promotional Keychains
  • Promotional pencils
  • Promotional baseball caps
  • Promotional magnets
  • Clocks and watches
  • Promotional shirts
  • Promotional badges
  • Promotional pets
  • Customised phone
  • Branded music items

Advertising Items branded with company logos and messages are an increasingly popular way to build brand awareness. Any customised items that can feature your promotional message or brand are classified as Promotional Items. Product advertising is one of the ways that businesses make contact with and retain customers. Promotional advertising helps to support that initial advertising of products by adding another incentive to give the products a try. By appealing to the human desire to take advantage of an opportunity or bargain, this promotional component of advertising helps to increase the chance for continued success and keep the company in business for many years to come.

We take great pride in sourcing the best quality advertising Items available like promotional clothing and accessories such as promotional cuff Links, promotional safety vests, promotional aprons , promotional belt buckles & belts and promotional cotton workshirts etc. We at Juice recognize that your brand and it's promotion are important. A promotion will only be successful if it uses a quality, well made product !

Over the last few years we have seen an increased interest in Australian Icons and as such their use in promotional marketing has taken off! We have a large range of promotional marketing products with an Australian theme. Choose from low cost / high volume customised items through to quality corporate gift products. Drive traffic to tradeshow booths with branded promotional bags, eco friendly bags and customised lanyards.

There is only one way to be on top of this competitive industry - provide superior quality goods and services with every order, large or small. Whether you need branded promotional products for a brand launch or simply to use as promotional gifts, we will produce custom designs based around your brand, from apparel to gadgets to big ticketed items. It has often been said that your logo defines your business. Choose the promotional item you will brand with your logo carefully. Well chosen Promotional products will make a great customised gift as people using your gift will constantly see your business name and logo.

At juice promotions, we offer an exceptional range of promotional products like

  • customised calculators
  • branded MP3
  • promotional scan radios
  • customised head phones
  • Electronic Organizer

Gift with purchase incentives are very enticing for customers when shopping. This approach involves offering some type of attractive good or service when purchasing another product at regular prices. For example, a company that manufactures colognes may offer the consumer a set of sample-sized bottles of newer products along with the purchase of an established fragrance. The manufacturer of a line of golf clubs may offer a package of golf balls when the consumer purchases a new putter. The idea of a free gift for purchasing something that is already desirable appeals to many consumers and will often help to stimulate additional sales.

We can customise the perfect Promotional products to advertise your products and business. In today's business world, more than ever, it is important that customers see your customised logo and branding as much as possible. If you need printed promotional products, embroidered or screen printed apparel we can do it all for you at Juice Promotions at the lowest prices in Australia. We are a proud and leading supplier of printed promotional products, promotional items, customised products, corporate gifts & printed merchandise. Our huge range of quality items can be printed or decorated to assist you in your next promotion.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is a balanced combination of strategic activities, promotional giveaways, presentation and the right timing. The goal of promotional marketing is to increase your company brand awareness in the marketplace. Promotional marketing includes branded gifts that usually tend to increase response rates and the overall effectiveness of your other marketing programs.

The very first and most important step to choosing the right promotional marketing strategy requires understanding your target audience. It is important to find out whether your target customer will enjoy a stuffed promotional executive toy or prefer something that can be used on a daily basis like a promotional pen. Promotional marketing can also be defined as a business marketing strategy that is designed to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. Promotional marketing is a technique that includes various incentives to buy such as the ones listed below:


We all enjoy winning something for free. Contests offer an attractive promotional marketing vehicle for small business to acquire new clients and create promotional product awareness. The promotional products samples are


Promotional coupons are another, very versatile, way of offering a discount. The key objective with a coupon promotion is to maximize the redemption rate - this is the proportion of customers actually using the coupon. One problem with promotional coupons is that they may simply encourage customers to buy what they would have bought anyway. Another problem occurs when retailers do not hold sufficient promotional stocks of the promoted product such as promotional branded Bags and promotional packs, promotional backpacks, customised clothing - causing customer disappointment. Use of coupon promotions is, therefore, often best for new products or perhaps to encourage sales of existing promotional products that are slowing down.

Creating powerful promotional marketing

Before starting a promotional marketing campaign for your small business take the time to carefully plan the incentives and objectives. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you planning to collect names as leads or discount an promotional product as a loss leader to gain a larger customer base? Determine the reason for the promotion.
  • Who is the target of your promotional campaign? Is it your competitor's customers or existing clients who have not made a purchase in the last 12 months?
  • What incentive works best for your customer group? Coupons, sweepstakes or sampling?
  • What is your available budget? Choose an advertising vehicle like direct mail, email, or in-store promotion that will not exceed your promotional budget.
  • Will you run the promotion in-house or hire an outside promotional agency? Choose in-house if you have a limited budget and limited time to learn more about promotional marketing.
  • How will your business decide if promotional marketing is a success? Select a clear goal and do not forget to measure the results.

Simple ways to promote your business using promotional products

A business owner can use promotional gifts to promote a business in several ways. The most general way, perhaps, is simply to give these free gifts away. A promotional pen can be given to anyone who passes through your door. Most customers walk away with a pen in hand which they will use. Just make sure that the pen has your company info engraved or imprinted on it.

Reward customers who are particularly loyal to your company with free promotional gifts. Give promotional items such as promotional branded umbrellas, promotional mugs, promotional branded music, promotional translators, etc to potential customers as thank you promotional gifts for registering or visiting your business. They will then keep you in their memory if they need to use your activities or services again.

Offer promotional items to customers as an incentive to buy more of your promotional products or services whenever your business needs a boost. At the end-of-sale, you might offer a promotional coffee mugs, customised with your information and logo, to your client for purchasing a certain amount. The customers, who are then spending a sum of money in your store on a regular basis, then qualify for free promotional items.

For your web based business, you can offer free promotional gifts for all site visitors. Perhaps reward those who subscribe to your company newsletter with a customised gel mouse pad, promotional pen set or customised mouse Offer incentives to those who participate in on-line surveys.

Competitions can also help to promote your business. Put together an attractive package of promotional items with your company logo and information. Your customers can enjoy the excitement of the competition and the winners can promote your business with exciting company branded prizes!

Holidays are the best time of the year to promote your business with free customised gifts. During the New Year period, promotional calendars can be an excellent choice as it is at this time that people are thinking about and planning the coming year and perhaps purchasing a new calendar ! Seize the opportunity to have your company's details on their wall!

Reward your employees and associates with customised promotional gifts for their loyal services and co-operation. This process will make your business more successful.

Corporate Gifts

Our online shop has extensive range of quality Corporate Gifts , Promotional Products, Corporate Apparel and giveaways at fantastic prices.Promote your brand and create the perfect promotional giveaway for your company`s special events.

The corporate gifts you choose should not only be practical but also of use to the receiver.We can make up ANYTHING you desire or we can help you decide what promotional products will have the best impact.

Some Ideas for corporate Gifts:

Personalised Wine

Wine is the perfect promotional product for any occasion.It can be presented at birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries to help that special someone celebrate in style. Choose from our many and varied wine related products for a special gift that will be truly savoured, remembered and enjoyed.

Customised Mouse Pads

Customised Mouse Pads are a great marketing tool for your business. They target computer users and keep your promotional message at the fore-front of your customers mind. They are ideal business gifts for anyone who wants to target computer users.Any corporate gift can be beatifuly wrapped to emphasise it`s quality and importance. Spending a tittle extra on this service makes the gift all the more special.

Promotional Products For men

We offer an extensive range of Corporate Gifts for men ranging from outdoor items including BBQ sets, footy stadium cushions and binoculars, right through to car products and sporting gear

Promotional Products For Women

We have a large range of promotional products and corporate gifts for women including clothing and apparel, beauty accessories, grooming items, toiletries and watches. The list of gift ideas available is endless.

Why Use Branded Corporate Gifts?

The main aim of most corporate gifts is to show appreciation by rewarding loyal customers and referral sources for their business. This helps to develop positive long-term client relationships. You can enhance the image and reputation of your company by providing effective promotional corporate gifts.Adding your logo and/or company name on a gift or ribbon helps to market your business and create these valuable corporate connections.

These corporate promotional gifts can be combined with other gifts and gourmet food stuffs to create gorgeous corporate gift baskets.We also have an extensive range of corporate gift sets available.

Clever corporate gifts, promotional products and giveaways make great marketing tools!They can be a good way to retain business even if these items do not include your logo and company name.

Need help selecting corporate gifts, giveaways or promotional products? Call us on 1300 ANYTHING (269 844) for the advice about promotional products to suit your needs.

Promotional Keyrings
Corporate Gifts
Customised Stubby Holders
Promotional Pens
Printed T Shirts
Branded Towels
Branded Flash Drives
Promotional Gift Sets

The variety of promotional items available is huge. This enables companies to pick the most appropriate gift for their various promotional activities. It is our belief that money should not be an obstacle in bringing your brand closer to the market. We stick to this principle by giving our customers the lowest prices possible for our promo products. 

The Benefits of Promotional Products

Imprinted promotional products significantly promote your brand, it's corporate image and identity. Promo items also help in brand recognition and recall amongst existing and potential customers. Promotional products are given away at tradeshows, product launches, business conferences, exhibitions and also at corporate events and seminars to enhance the marketing and communication initiatives adopted by the brand.

Finding the Right Promo Products for Your Needs

Our designers are always ready to assist you in your promotional needs and can put your customised logo or message on a wide range of promo products like Branded Bags, Customised Pens, Promotional Key Chains and many other great promotional items that make great promotional giveaways at business events and trade shows.

Imprinted promotional products were called advertising specialties until recently and are still referred to as Corporate Gifts or business promotion items by many. Business promotional products can vary from cheap customised products to exclusive executive gifts.

To maximize results from your investment in promo products, why not take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of all the promotional products available and how to use them by calling us on 1300 ANYTHING (269 844) for the best advice about imprinted promotional products.