Audits And Inspections

Quality Assurance Policy

It is Juice Promotion’s mission to provide our clients with high quality, safe and affordable promotional products. To this end, we engage in thorough quality assurance and quality control procedures to maximise consumer satisfaction.

Our Procedure

  • Before commencing mass production, we always liaise with clients to best understand their requirements and expectations for the fulfilment of their order – such as dimensions, colours, printing and packaging.
  • We then ensure that these specifications comply with the relevant CE/Australian standards before sourcing a sample for the client. If this sample is approved by the client Juice will then source an appropriate supplier.
  • Juice will then work in conjunction with our chosen supplier to provide a quality assurance checklist for the supplier to adhere to in the manufacture of the client’s merchandise.
  • An inspection protocol is concurrently developed with this checklist with an independent inspections service provider. These experienced auditors will inspect the supplier several times throughout the production of the work order to test the quality of the manufactured products against the checklist provided.
  • Once the order has been finished and sent to a distribution warehouse, the order will be inspected once again for a final quality assurance check. If the parameters of the checklist have not been met, the supplier will be notified of the errors, and they will be rectified until subsequent quality checks show the order as of an acceptable quality.
  • Should they wish, clients may request an inspection report during the manufacturing process so they can stay updated as to the status of their merchandise.

Hopefully, by outlining this procedure it shows the extent of which quality assurance is at the very forefront of the way Juice Promotions does its business. We consider quality at every stage, and encourage transparency with our clients to ensure that all orders are fulfilled to the highest client satisfaction!