The Last of us

Juice Promotions Australia creates innovative promotional merchandise designed to increase the awareness of your company and brand. Put simply, we produce blank Promotional Products that we can fully customize with your logo or company name on them.

It's your brand with your style, so we make promotional products individually suited to your requirements. We can also provide faster turnaround times by printing your brand on pre-made promotional merchandise.

Juice Promotions Australia- Our Mission

We strive to be the best competitively positioned promotional merchandise company with the highest level of customer service and commitment. We seek to provide custom made solutions for maximised brand awareness. We are experts in finding a complete solution for promotional products with objectivity and budget in mind.

What Makes our Promotional
Merchandise Different?

After looking at other company's promotional products, they all seemed to be behind the times in creativity. Their promotional merchandise tends to be dated and lack-luster. When products are made, you'd want people to use them and find them beneficial so your investment is made worthwhile.

Juice Promotions are different as we provide a unique range of promotional merchandise products and ideas that will get your company ahead of the game. Through innovative concepts and customised solutions your company can stand out from the crowd.

  • We guarantee the delivery of high quality merchandise that meets your requirements.
  • Quality management systems ensuring fast and accurate project execution.
  • Driven by price - we guarantee the right solution at lowest cost.

Our Services Provide

Accurate costing at the time
of placing an order.

Delivery times that
are workable.

Custom options for your
business marketing needs

Digital designs of products before samples are
made for shorter production times.

One Account Manager who is
available at any time.

Samples of promotional products
for your approval.

Quality Management Systems

All promotional merchandise ordered undergoes an independent pre delivery inspection before they leave the factory and we also have samples of promotional products sent to us during the production process to ensure consistency. This guarantees that when your promotional products get to you, they match your sample accordingly.

Juice Promotions Australia has established strong relationships with the best promotional merchandise manufacturers and suppliers. Coupled with this we ensure that there is a continuous improvement program in place. These programs help improve quality and reduce costs - these savings are then passed onto you!

Warehousing and Distribution

Once your promotional products are ready, we can dispatch them directly to you or your business, pack and distribute quantities of your promotional merchandise to multiple locations both nationally and internationally.

So next time you are planning to use promotional merchandise as part of your brand strategy, please call 1300 Anything (269 844) and give us a go!